October 30, 2019, 7:13 am

This section includes 10.6.1 & 10.6.2

Hey everyone we got another patch for you guys today focused on improving the new Custom UI by adding the ability to attach them to 3d objects in the game. Also many VR Improvements especially for Oculus. Last and not least a new looking for players indicator on the server browser.

Custom UI
  • Supports 3D UI attached to Objects.
  • Each object can have its own assets (images)
  • UI.getXml() and UI.setXml() added, allows for dynamic UI creation from a string. Expect more ways to dynamically spawn to added in the future.
  • Click sounds added for the UI.
  • Player colors now match TTS colors. For example, "red" is now equivalent to the player color red exactly.
  • Dragging is improved so the element doesn't snap to its rectAlignment when dragged.
  • Fixed changing active attribute from scripts the visibility attribute would sometimes not work correctly.
  • Added position attribute and fixed rotation to work like you would expect.
  • Scale of onscreen UI based on resolution height instead of width.
  • Custom UI hides correctly whenever there is a popup dialog.
  • Scripting editor now has two modes Lua and UI that let you edit their respective scripts per Object or Global.
VR Improvements
  • Fixed grabbing objects messing with rotation.
  • Selection box will use laser position if laser is on.
  • Fixed selection box placement bug.
  • Added icon showing current tool mode.
Fixed Rift controls:
  • Gem now defaults to angled and is better positioned
  • Trigger activates laser and UI objects
  • Stick controls activate properly (teleport works on click, rotation will repeat on hold)
  • Stick UI becomes visible when stick touched.

New console commands:

Looking For Players
  • New looking for players indicator on the server browser. This will be default on for all servers.
  • This can be changed in game by going Options -> Server.
  • Can also be set from scripting with setLookingForPlayers(bool).
  • Updated to Unity 5.6.6.
  • Fixed thumbnail preview image causing image to being lower resolution than it should in the world.


  • Adjusted hardware mouse pointer position to be more accurate.
  • Looking for players icons desaturated and reversed the sort.
  • Fixed issue if you have a corrupt BlockList.json it would stop you from being able to connect to a server.
Xml UI:
  • Added getXmlTable() and setXmlTable() for dealing with Xml easier with Lua tables.
  • Changed setXml() from changing the actual Xml for the save file so everything is runtime changes only.
  • Changed getXml() to return the current Xml string including any runtime changes from setAttribute().
  • Fixed event recursion causing a potential lock up.
  • Fixed setXml() not working with empty string.
  • Added a 'debug_external_api' console command to show logging for external api messages.
  • Fixed logging an empty table throwing null.
  • Changed vr hotkey defaults.
  • Fixed current tool icon animating unduly.


Xml UI:
  • Changed UI.getXmlTable() properties to be lowercase and change text to value.
  • Fixed issue with UI.setXml().
  • Fixed issue visibility and late joining players.