October 30, 2019, 7:13 am

Hey everyone got meaty patch for you guys this time focusing on improving the drawing tool with improved visuals and functionality. We also got a plethora of great VR improvements that can be seen below like virtual hands. Also like normal we got a bunch of great scripting improvements.

Drawing Tool
  • Sharper less blurry look.
  • Added line, box, and circle tool.
  • Can now control thickness using +/-.
  • Added draw indicator to easier to see where you will be drawing.
  • Can now draw on any angled surface on objects.
  • Pixel paint removed.
  • Fixed up bugs plaguing lines on objects.
  • Added Steam rich presence to see what games your friends are playing and if there is any room!
  • Server browser now streams in results instead of in one big chunk.
  • You can stop this refresh by clicking the refresh again.
  • Raised max packet size from 1 mb to 10 mb allowing you to load larger save files when promoted.
  • Input fields are now auto selected for popup dialogs.
  • Removed "Hacking in Unity" discord message.
  • Objects will now have their face hidden while face-down (set per object, defaults to on for objects such as cards / decks / dominos)
  • Rotation Value identifiers which begin with # will not be displayed in tooltip.
  • Tutorial now always uses Museum backdrop (as it has good text contrast)

Updates to the new Wait class:

  • Added repetitions to Wait.time to better emulate Timer. Wait.time(func, time, number_repetitions).
  • Using -1 will cause infinite repetitions
  • Improvements to stop() so it should work more as expected.

Returns from getObject and getStates improved to a common standard, includes:

  • Name and Nickname
  • Description
  • Lua Script and Lua Script State

New Object functions:

  • obj.drop() causes the item, if held by a player, to be dropped.
  • setHiddenFrom(players) Hides objects from a specific player/players. Uses "hand zone" hiding.
  • setInvisibleTo(players) Hides objects from a specific player/players. Uses "hidden zone" hiding.
  • attachHider(...) and attachInvisibleHider(...) are more advanced version of
  • setHiddenFrom and setInvisibleTo, there to help handle complex situations easily.
  • Old Object Functions (with new features!)
  • setRotationValues() now allows you to start a name/value with a # and it won't display the value in the tooltip.
  • randomize(color) Now an optional string can be added so that
  • onObjectRandomized will trigger, indicating that player color triggered it.

New base function:

  • get/setVectorLines() Allows for lines to be placed via scripting using the new vector line tools`
  • New Spawnable object: Custom Decks!
  • Technically this was added before, but now it works and is documented!
  • Spawn using spawnObject then set it using setCustomObject
  • Clarifications to the Object class
  • Some functions, let setSnapPoints or call, work on both Object and Global.
  • To highlight which Object functions can be directed at the game world, they have been broken out on the Object page into a "Global Functions" section.

New Object member Variables

  • use_rotation_value_flip can be used to modify which direction objects flip.
  • is_face_down determines if an object's "face" is pointed down (like with cards). The face is the direction that faces the positive Y value.
  • hide_when_face_down hides an Object when it is face-down. Objects are hidden like if in a hidden zone. The face is the direction that faces the positive Y value.

New Event

  • onObjectEnterContainer has long been a requested event, and it is now available!
  • New virtual hand feature that lets you interact with your hand just like if it was attached to your left controller.
  • Click trigger while holding a card to straighten it and hide it from other players. Click again to toggle.
  • When you pull an object out of the search inventory (for example, removing a card from a deck) it will appear at the controller tip, and be grabbed if possible.
  • Improved controller tooltips.
  • Tooltip showing click button for Vive on main menu.
  • Fixed VR tutorial.
  • Flick and Line tools now working properly.
  • Reduced jitter on scale + rotate.
  • Up no longer defaults to teleport (but that can be re-enabled with vr_teleport_with_pad)
  • Down on pad now defaults to Zoom, on both controllers.
  • Pad now has context commands when hovering over objects.
  • Lots of other VR changes/improvement that can all be found here.
Stats Monitor
  • Added a stats monitor for fps, memory, and sound.
  • Activated with stats_monitor console cmd.
  • Fixed auto raise over tablet freaking out.
  • Fixed input bug spamming hotkeys into input fields when first selecting.
  • Fixed locking object while it then unlocking it dropping through world.
  • Fixed splitting into 10 decks merges some of the decks.
  • Fixed decal on flipped cards bug.
  • Fixed vector, decals, infinite bags hiding bugs.
  • Fixed onscreen hands not showing decals and vector lines.
  • Fixes convert URL to steam cloud now works on UI custom assets.
  • Fixed string size limit over the network being increased for large xml.