October 30, 2019, 7:13 am

Hey there everyone! This is one of biggest updates yet, we have a lot of great stuff coming for you guys in this update, but we want to make sure it's stable before pushing it live. So, we are doing a public beta first and we want to hear from you about any issues!

To opt into the beta:

  • Right click on Tabletop Simulator in your Steam library.
  • Choose Properties -> Beta.
  • Then in the drop down for "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" choose "public_beta".
Unity Engine Upgrade:
  • Upgrade Unity version from 5.6.6 to 2019.1.
  • Dx11 on Windows, OpenGLCore on Mac and Linux.
  • FPS should be overall faster. Can be twice as fast in really specific scenes.
  • Physics performance improved.
  • Video textures much faster with more formats support (.m4v and .mov)
  • Incremental garbage collector greatly reduces the game's stutters.
  • Dx9 support has been dropped only 0.01% of players have a gpu that is only Dx9. Dx10 is minimum requirement now.
  • Windows Xp support dropped and with Steam not supporting it anymore either this isn't a surprise.
  • All custom images are now resized to a power of 2 internal, so avoid using non power of 2 images if you can. This is due to Dx11 bug this might be changed back in the future if Unity fixes this.
  • RAW cache from Images and Models had to deleted to due incompatibilities with the engine upgrade.
Known Issues:
  • Due the massive engine upgrade AssetBundle are the most effected due to Unity changes you might have to re-export your AssetBundle from 2019.1 with the updated Modding Project.
  • Old AssetBundles using crunched textures will not load correctly and need to be re-exported.
  • AssetBundle mesh colliders might behave differently due to physx upgrade.
Performance Optimizations:
  • Saving mod asset to disk is now async and will not sutter the game.
  • Greatly reduced the time it takes to destroy objects reducing the lag when changing mods.
  • Made the Games & Saved Objects menu async to fix stutters when opening them.
DLC Improvments:
  • DLC are no longer included in the game install and will be downloaded when played the first time.
  • This has reduce the install size of the game by 4 gigs.
  • We can also now update and add new DLCs without having to update the game.
AssetBundle Materials:
  • Added support for loading AssetBundle materials into any Custom Object Image slot.
  • Create holographic playing cards or add normal maps to your custom dice!
  • Works by assigning your material to an AssetBundle and then exporting like normal.
General Improvements:
  • Custom Card added so you can create cards one at a time.
  • Added /rules to global chat which opens a link to the rules on our knowledge base.
  • Update DLC Three Cheers for master with scripted components.
  • Disabled being able to load local files with the Tablet due to javascript exploits.
  • Opening urls now only open steam links in the overlay and all others open in your default browser.
  • Secured many networking related functions from hackers.
  • Added .json to Steam Cloud upload file types.
  • Steam Cloud now supports uploading files greater than 100mb.
System Console:
  • Added mod_caching, mod_caching_raw, mod_threading, and mod_thread_count.
  • Added say_global, say_game, say_team commands.
  • / commands now work when typed into system console.
  • Added subtract command.
  • Renamed vr_bindings command to vr_steamvr_bindings
  • Added say_global, say_game, say_team commands.
Spectator Mode:
  • Spectator mode should be working correctly with differing monitor resolutions.
  • Added displays command, reworked spectator_activate_with_resolution command (can now specify display)
  • spectator_camera_attachment - sets component or pointer for camera to attach to.
  • spectator_camera_follow_attachment - when this is on the camera will move as if attached to above entity.
  • spectator_camera_follow_player - renamed, was spectator_camera_follow.
  • spectator_camera_dolly - distance camera is offset along the direction it is looking.
  • spectator_camera_offset_position - vector3 positional offset from attachment.
  • spectator_camera_offset_rotation - vector3 rotational offset from attachment.
  • spectator_camera_look_at - make camera look at specified component or pointer.
  • spectator_camera_target - sets component or pointer for camera to track.
  • spectator_camera_tracking - when ON the camera will constantly track the above entity.
  • spectator_camera_override_player_with_look - when ON look and track commands will override follow_player.
  • spectator_camera_stay_upright - when ON the camera will avoid being upside-down.
  • Added onObjectTryEnter(object) callback: if present on an object then it will be called when another object would be inserted into it (like a card into a deck or a token into a bag). If it returns false then the item will not be able to enter.
  • Updated plugin to the latest version.
  • Can now get the click button for events like onClick with the value param passed.
  • Xml UI image assets are now no longer compressed to make them look nicer.
  • Xml UI errors now print to chat, to make it easier to debug Xml UI.
  • Fixed line tool, including flick and joint.
Caching Improvement:
  • Added support for adding {verifycache} in front of your urls to have the game check the last-modified header of a url to update the local cache if it is stale. Only does this check once per game session.
  • This is an advanced feature for people that want to host content on there own servers and make sure people get updates without having to change the URLs.
  • https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Last-Modified
  • Fixed blury comfirmation UI for tablet.
  • Fixed saving .rawm to disk when regular caching.
  • Fixed random sort for Games and Saved Objects is now actually working correctly.
  • Fixed custom objects not probably being positioned on the UI correctly.
  • Fixed the black background fade stuttering on when open exist to main menu window.
  • Fixed some format stuff for file browser or tooltips. Added back .jpeg.
  • Fixed line tool, including flick and joint.