September 15, 2022, 9:20 pm

The long-awaited 13.2 Update is here! This patch addresses some of the most requested features and bug fixes including Discord game join support, Valve Index support for VR, custom fonts, and much more!

Highlights: Discord Game Join- Communicating and organizing TTS games just got a whole lot easier! You can now invite people to join your game or request to join other users’ games from within discord. VR Valve Index Support- We have added VR support for the Valve Index. Enjoy a more seamless VR experience on the Valve Index with TTS including the addition of default bindings for the Index controllers. Custom Fonts- We have added the ability to import assetbundles for XML UI to allow you to import custom fonts. We have many more exciting new features, upgrades, and fixes that you can read all about below. And as always, if you have any feedback or bug reports, make sure to submit them at !


  • Added a typing indicator that shows up next to the player name and chat window. (Note: it will only show typing that you will be able to see, not if typing to another team)
  • The deck deal-to-color wheel now handles a number typed on top of it, dealing that many cards to the relevant player(s).
  • Right-clicking on slider bar will open a dialog allowing for text entry of value.
  • Added confirmation prompt to table flip.
  • Randomizing while hovering over the hand with nothing selected will randomize the entire hand.
  • Visualize Looking For Player on Host - Can be easily disabled from there as well
  • Added visual indication for when an object is dropped into a container. Control with ui_container_enter_indicator console command / misc setting.
  • Added move left & move right options to rotation value UI.
  • Added search to PDF.
  • Changed tooltip text on rewind slider to display time as minutes and seconds.
  • Enabled Metal support for Marmoset shaders fixing Mac rendering issues.
  • Group action will now put the objects into a bag as long as only one bag is present in the selection and no other combinations of decks/stacks were made. You can use the group_into_bag_first command / misc setting to override the last condition, putting everything into the bag if it's the only one (ahead of combining into decks/stacks).
  • Added logging of pertinent URL when a game asset fails to load.
  • Added showing your hand to another player (right-click a card in your hand and select Show Hand-><color>.
  • Updated Unity version to 2019.4.40 for better stability and bug fixes.

Discord Game Join

  • Can now invite people to join your game from within Discord.
  • Can now ask to join a player's game from Discord and they will be given an in-game popup to accept or decline this request.
  • Joining a game from within discord will launch the game and join the server with one button press.
  • Discord will automatically supply the password for the server if it exists making joining even more seamless.



  • Added feature to search: when searching decks you can specify a number of cards N, and only the top N cards will appear in the search window. This allows for "Peek"-like actions.
  • When a player is searching a deck and changes the order of the deck by moving a card, the movement is logged in the Game chat. You can disable seeing this via the console command / misc setting container_logging.


  • Added default bindings for Index controllers.

Fog of War

  • Add Outside walls to FoW
  • Increase revealer height range (negative values are now allowed as well)
  • Fixed Custom Models create before the FoW not loading in correctly when inside FoW.
  • Fixed FoW can be seen through with the magnify tool by any player
  • Fixed objects are not hidden by Fog of War when different player is revealing them (
  • Fixed revealer outlines not hiding when switching colors.


  • Added support for custom fonts, sprites and audio clips in XML UI using AssetBundles.
  • Added accessible Lua enum available as UI.AssetType for XML UI. (UI.AssetType.Image & UI.AssetType.AssetBundle)
  • Upgraded to XmlLayout 1.97
  • Fixed XML GUI "colors" field does not properly support Unity colors


System Console

  • Added quit console command.
  • Added spectator_show_game_ui command to allow hiding of UI elements in spectator screen.
  • Added command and misc setting deck_can_spread_facedown; when enabled and you perform a spread action on a face-down deck, the cards will remain face-down instead of being flipped.
  • Added help -c option for console command, which outputs all help text to the clipboard.
  • Added framerate_custom_cap command.
  • Added autosave_games_window_count command / misc setting to control the number of slots on top Games window which may display an autosave. Defaults to 1.


  • Added onPlayerChatTyping(player, typing)
  • object.Container.Search(player, cards = -1) - activate search window for player, optionally limited to top N cards.
  • Callback generated by object.addContextMenu changed: f(player_color) is now f(player_color, object_position, object).
  • Added object parameter to onPlayerPing event
  • Added calls for built-in dialog windows:
    • player.showInfoDialog(info)
      Displays info string to player.
    • player.showConfirmDialog(info, callback)
      Displays info string to player. Callback is called as f(player_color) if user hits OK.
    • player.showInputDialog(description, default_text, callback)
      Simple text input. Callback is called as f(text, player_color) if user hits OK.
    • player.showMemoDialog(description, default_text, callback)
      Large text input. Callback is called as f(text, player_color) if user hits OK.
    • player.showOptionsDialog(description, {options}, default_value, callback)
      Options Dropdown. Callback is called as f(option_text, option_index, player_color) if user hits OK.
    • player.showColorDialog({default_color}, callback)
      Color picker. Callback is called as f(color, player_color) if user hits Apply.
  • Added LuaPlayer.copy(objects) and LuaPlayer.paste(position).
  • Added zone.getObjects(true), which includes all objects in zone regardless of tags.
  • Added language support to addContextMenu.
  • If an object has its alt_view_angle set it will use that angle when viewed in container search.
  • Added gizmo_selectable for Objects
  • Fixed search window ignoring tryObjectEnter/onObjectEnter events.
  • Validate (numeric) enums coming from Lua are not out of range.
  • Fixed Lua lighting, turns, and hands not networking syncing when changing settings.
  • Fixed Layout zone not sorting by Memo.
  • Fixed getObjectsWithTag returning incorrect values.
  • Fixed Color.fromhex not working when alpha was omitted.
  • Fixed lua object.hasAnyTag() not working when a deck inherited its tags from its cards.
  • Fixed Color.fromhex not working when alpha was omitted.
  • Fixed lua object.hasAnyTag() not working when a deck inherited its tags from its cards.

Lua Lighting

  • Added member variables lut_index, lut_contribution, lut_url.
  • No longer need to call apply() to trigger an update any change will automatically apply.

Lua Materials

  • Added support for editing materials vars from Lua.
  • Added new class called material.
  • Added getMaterials() and getMaterialsInChildren() functions to GameObject. Materials function very similarly to Components:
  • GameObject game_object
  • String shader
  • set()
  • get()
  • getVars()


  • Fixed issue with cards getting stuck in player hands and other issues with decals and zones.
  • Fixed issues with player color names being static on the hexagon and octagon table.
  • Fixed objects flying around when rewinding by freezing them one extra frame.
  • Fixed cards with states break hand zones when you shuffle them.
  • Fixed issue with bbcodes being stripped out of UI text when translated with language codes.
  • Fixed action triggering at the point key is assigned to it.
  • Fixed spectator_activate_with_resolution not working correctly when used in autoexec.
  • Fixed rotation values not displaying sum for some totals.
  • Fixed Layout Zone has the Reversed option enabled then decks being spread into it will be reversed.
  • Fixed end_turn command not working in hotseat mode.
  • Fixed objects becoming visible when grouping.
  • Fixed XML UI tags not allowing for &lt; &gt; &amp; &nbsp;.
  • Fixed mouse centering when moving with keyboard while UI disabled (via F11).
  • Fixed scripting zones triggering leave events when returning to main menu.
  • Fixed trying to add a tag to an object which already exists on other objects not working.
  • Fixed incorrect packet error when in hotseat mode.
  • Fixed objectEnterContainer indicator cleanup.
  • Fixed dropdown UI sometimes appearing beneath its parent window.
  • Fixed alt zoom working with XML UI.
  • Fixed hidden decks with custom backs being revealed when dealt.
  • Fixed Gizmo tool being unable to click on objects with the Drag Selectable toggle turned off (note that while selecting you can override this toggle by holding shift).
  • Fixed Layout zone not sorting by Memo.
  • Fixed game taking a long time to return to main menu when lots of objects present on table.